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10 Tips & Ideas For Organizing Your Kitchen


Learning to organize your kitchen will not only make you less stressed about the mess, but will also help make kitchen activities fast & efficient!

1. Dispose of Clutter – You may think you need to save everything but you don’t! Donate or throw away everything that you don’t need. Whens the last time you used that cookie press or that melon baller? Getting rid of unneeded kitchenware will free up a lot of space.

2. Replace any broken kitchenware with new ones that actually work. No need to hold onto them because you think they still have some life left in them. New kitchenware will shorten your time in the kitchen.

3. Sort Smarter – Keep utensils that are frequently used in an easy to access area. Items that are rarely used can be stored in the high cabinets or shelves.

4. Create Work Zones – You should have separate areas for prepping food, cooking food & serving food.  These areas should have all the utensils or kitchenware within reach. For example, a pull out spice rack would be great to put next to your cooking area!

5. Clear the Counter tops – How often do you use mixer, blender or rice cooker? If they are collecting dust, store them in a cabinet instead! After you clear your counter tops, be sure to clean them too. Counter tops are your main work space so keeping them clear will make your kitchen less cluttered and more organized.

6. Organize Shopping Lists – For couples or families, having a consistent place to write things down and keeping a list of things you need in the kitchen can help make your trip for groceries a lot less hectic. You will always have a stocked kitchen and won’t end up having 5 bottles of BBQ sauce in your fridge.

7. Set Up a Work Station – Many people use their kitchens for more than just cooking food. Kids may sit in the kitchen to do homework or you may use the space to pay bills. Have an area separate from the cooking work zone to keep the kitchen tidy. Check out this Pintrest for kitchen desks for ideas!

8. Get a Tune Up – A kitchen cannot run smoothly if you have leaky pipes, clogged drains, or broken cabinet doors.  Make sure everything is working properly to have a safe, efficient kitchen.

9. Keep Cabinets Sorted – Don’t just throw things in your cabinet and forget about them. Keeping your cabinets sorted by frequency of use is the best way to keep your kitchen organized. It’s all about having what you need at your fingertips.

10. Learn Tidy Habits – The best way to keep your kitchen clean is to develop good habits.  Cleaning as you work will help keep clutter to a manageable size. If you are done with that frying pan, wash it and put it away! This is the best habit to have and we promise your spouse will love you for it!


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