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2016 Design Trends When Remodeling Your Home


The remodeling of homes is constantly growing and changing. To get an idea of what you should be looking out for, we’ve come up with a list of concepts for your home!

  1. Instead of using just one color for your kitchen cabinets, try a two-tone concept. For a clean, ageless look, use white or neutral for your upper cabinets. With your lower cabinets, branch out and try darker colors and different wood tones.
  2. For busy dining and living rooms, bring your outdoor fabrics inside! Because they’re so durable, they’ll be able to withstand all the traffic that those rooms see.
  3. We’re seeing a lot of homeowners choosing black stainless steel over the traditional shiny silver. If black is a bit much for you, consider a bronze finish!
  4. When homeowners are remodeling their master bathrooms, we’re seeing a lot of bidets being included in these plans.
  5. A top priority, when remodeling a kitchen, is the need for storage. Along with deep drawers, we’re also seeing an increase of dividers and inserts. Regardless of size, this allows you to organize your drawers for any shape or size pan or dish.
  6. For an added look of luxury in your kitchen, consider installing steam ovens. They are known to cook food more thoroughly and are a healthier alternative than your everyday microwave. To save space, warmer drawers and induction cooktops are the way to go!
  7. While heated floors are extremely popular in bathrooms, but if your home is in a cold part of the US, have them put in your entryway. These heated floors will help to melt snow and dry your boots after a day in the snow!
  8. Workhorse islands are becoming a more popular piece in kitchens. They provide an added space to prep, storage, seating, etc.
  9. Say goodbye to the traditional medicine cabinet and say hello to modern statement mirrors. Improve the style of your bathroom with these mirrors!
  10. With the increase of screen time during the day and night, homeowners are now looking to create a calm area where they can just simply relax, read a book or chat with others. Therefore, we’re seeing a lot more living rooms lacking any digital interruptions.

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