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5 Easy Upgrades to Raise House Value

Create space


Knocking down walls, getting rid of an oversized island or just cleaning up clutter around the house to created open rooms that flow. Buyers will pay extra for the roomier feel

Add Light


The right lighting will set the right mood.  Clean windows to let in more natural light. High Watt bulbs make small spaces feel bigger. Soft lighting will warm up empty spaces.  Sun tubes are also a cheap alternative to sky lights.  The reflective tube will bring natural light into dark areas

Green Features

Energy efficient appliances in the kitchen, new heating and AC to save energy costs or a solar powered water heater to really cut down heating costs.  Sometimes by as much as 80%

Replace Flooring

floating cork floors

The average costs to replace or repair the flooring in a room costs about 600-800 dollars and can increase the value of your home by 2000+ dollars. Just be sure to install desirable materials. Engineered hardwoods or floating cork floors provide the best returns.

Get rid of questionable features.


1950’s wall paper, a broken front step or ugly vinyl flooring; basically anything cosmetic that might make a buy ask,” what’s that?”  Fix it or get rid of it.

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