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A Few Things You Can Expect When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Finally deciding to remodel your home, or part of your home, is a really exciting step. An area you once considered an eye-sore will soon be the room you always imagined it to be! However, work has to be done before it can get there. Kitchen remodels are always a huge draw for those thinking of improving their home, as they typically serve as a main gathering area for family and friends. It is also the place where you cook the food that nourishes your life. When it comes to remodeling a major room like your kitchen, though, you should be prepared for some lifestyle changes that don’t relate to how much money the remodel costs. If your kitchen remodel is imminent, or even if it is a ways off, it is time to start preparing for the reality of having a construction zone within your home.

1.) There Will Be Noise and Dust

From saws to sanders, you’ll hear a whole bunch of equipment while the construction team works to rebuild your kitchen. Acton Woodworks is focused on the comfort of our clients throughout the process. We build dust walls around the project space to keep everything as contained as possible.

2.) Unexpected Issues

While you might get lucky and have the smoothest remodel possible, you may encounter some unforeseen things along the way. Strange plumbing and old wiring are common issues home owners run into when going through a renovation, as well as issues like lead paint and asbestos. Who knows what the crew will run into when tearing apart your kitchen? The only thing you can do is leave room in both your budget and time frame for these potential problems.

3.) Delays

Time lines can be a fluid thing. At times, items may not arrive when expected, inclement weather occurs, and crew members fall ill. It is only natural for you and your contractor to be hopeful about the amount of time it will take to complete the remodel, but just like encountering unexpected issues, it is best to prepare yourself for time line fluctuations.

4.) Excitement

The experience is exciting! In fact, there are some beautiful moments that occur throughout the renovation process. Coming home to find new cabinets along the walls, new flooring, or even seeing the backsplash you’ve been waiting for are all exciting moments. After devoting a lot to the re-modeling process, it is good to feel validated in your decision as the room comes together.

5.) Celebration

Once all the work is completed and you’ve moved in to your new space, you’ll likely want to show your close friends and family the transformation. What better way to break in your new kitchen than by filling it with loved ones to celebrate? Invite them over and enjoy yourself!

Choosing to renovate any area of your home is a big decision, both personally and financially. There are several ups and downs throughout the process, and no remodel experience will ever be perfect. But, the outcome is always worth it. There is nothing quite like seeing portions of your home transformed into an entirely new space. If you’re thinking of renovating any time soon, keep this list in mind and you’ll be able to keep your head from spinning as the construction saws whir.

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