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Architectural Design

Sudbury MA kitchen island

The design and construction services provided by Acton Woodworks, Inc. include the following procedures:

  • Determination of objectives – Meetings will be important for us to learn what you wish to accomplish, how soon, and what constraints there might be on the project.
  • Site visit – We will prepare measured drawings (floor plans sections and elevations) of the existing conditions in the areas where the renovation is anticipated. This will allow us to focus on the relevant conditions which might impact our designs for the proposed improvements. We may suggest a photo series to record current conditions. This will assist our design process and eliminate unnecessary site visits. A plot plan may be required for the anticipated project.
  • Project analysis – A detailed report will be made to focus the scope of the project.
  • Design development – We will make sketches of the layouts developed in our discussions. After your review we will adjust the drawings to reflect the design you prefer.
  • Budgeting – We will determine the required budgets as various parts of the project become clear. We will also make recommendations as to the cost benefits of different approaches.
  • Construction documents and specifications – We will provide structural detail, cabinetry/casework detail, mechanical detail, as necessary to obtain the appropriate permits and to clarify subcontractor responsibility.
  • Proposal for cabinetry – Cabinetry and millwork designs will be provided as required by the project scope.
  • Permits – Submittals for permits with the Board of Health, Building Department, Conservation Commission, and Planning Board can be managed at the appropriate time.
  • Construction and mechanical services – Complete construction services may be provided under a separate contract upon completion of the necessary drawings, specification, permits.
  • Construction administration and management – A complete record will be kept of all details. We will manage the project so that all details meet the predetermined specifications and drawings.
  • Fixtures and appliances – We can assist in the design, location and product choices for the fixtures and appliances specified for the project.
  • Installations and finishes – Final installations and finishes for most items necessary to complete the project can be managed upon request.
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