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Cabinet Features You Might Not Notice

As an authorized dealer of Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry, we enjoy reveling in their innovations. We’re often reminded to stop and admire the little things in life because there are times when even the smallest of notions can have the biggest impact. When it comes to custom cabinetry, the latter is no different. Cabinets are what we store our belongings in, whether they be in our kitchens or bathrooms, or anywhere else in the house. As the year’s progress and styles continue to change, Plain & Fancy continually design products aimed at eliminating potential headaches so homeowners can love their product for years to come. While we’re on the topic of little things, let’s take a look at some Plain & Fancy cabinet features you might not have otherwise noticed.

1.) Flush Cabinet Floors

All Plain & Fancy cabinet floors are flush with the front of the cabinet. This is a feature many homeowners overlook by sheer accident, but it can make a huge functional difference. For one, when the cabinet floor is flush, you can easily slide pans, dishes, and other kitchenware in and out without having to always clear a lip on the cabinet floor. Also, no lip means it’s much simpler to clean inside the cabinet because there is no lip for dirt and dust to gather.

2.) Cabinet Sub Top

You might be looking at this thinking, “what on earth is a sub top?” Well, it’s a piece of plywood that goes both at the top and in between the side of the cabinet. This is not a common feature in a majority of manufactured cabinets, but Plain & Fancy considers them quite beneficial. After all, they help keep every cabinet perfectly square. Not only that, but a sub top creates a drawer that is virtually jam proof. The general design also helps keep dirt, dust, and debris out of the cabinet during the installation process. A sub top may not be something you’ve heard of before, but it’s certainly a fantastic feature to have in your home cabinets.

Acton Woodworks chose to deal Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry because the folks at Plain & Fancy believe in quality that lasts more than just a few years. We believe in a finished product that is filled with unique and special features from top to bottom because clients deserve a job that lasts. There is no reason why that philosophy can’t be applied to our cabinet offerings too. Interested in hearing more about Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry? Give us a call or fill out an online contact form!

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