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Color Mistakes to Avoid While Decorating

Picking the right color palette for a room can be extremely hard.  There are so many choices and color combinations that it is easy to add too much and make a room seem disorganized.  Here are some tips to help you avoid some common mistakes.

60-30-10 Rule – This is a good rule of thumb to go by to create a color scheme that looks good. Split your color choices into percentages! 60% dominant color, 30% secondary color and 10% accent color.

Lighting Choices – colors can look different in different types of light.  It’s important to plan for what types of lights will be in the room and how much natural sunlight there will be.  Test out colors during different times during the day to avoid unwanted color “changes”

Don’t use too many colors – Overloading your color scheme with 7 different shade of blue can be a little overwhelming. Stick to the 60-30-10 rule.

Don’t be too gender specific – Pink isn’t just for a girls room and blue isn’t just for boys rooms anymore.  It is OK to use these colors as accents in the living areas of your home.

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