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Creating an Organized Kitchen


For those that are looking to remodel or build a new kitchen, the thought of what to actually do with the space has probably crossed your mind. The kitchen is one of the main parts of your home. It’s where loved ones gather to eat and discuss their days. While the look of your kitchen is important, how it’s organized is as well! Acton Woodworks has some suggestions when it comes to organizing your new or remodeled kitchen.

In a recent Houzz study, more than 35% of homeowners with remodeled kitchens wished they had spent more money when it came to organizing. When you begin remodeling your kitchen, talk with the designer or contractor on the different options you have. From the pantry to pots and pans storage, there are various ways that your designer or contractor can go when it comes to organizing.

Do some research on the different options for interior storage ideas and have them ready for your kitchen designer or contractor. Ask them if they have examples of remodeled kitchens with organizing ideas that have worked before.

What are the items that you use every day in the kitchen and would want on standby? If you are big into cooking, you may want your spices, oil and vinegar nearby. If you have children, do you want a cabinet designated solely for their snacks? The average kitchen uses 5 cabinets for dry food storage so why not go with a pantry?

When you’ve brainstormed all of your kitchen storage ideas, print them out and see which ideas your designer or contractor believe will work. Kitchens typically only need to be replaced every 12-15 years so be sure that this one is organized and functional!

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