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Eco Friendly Paints




Over the years, the eco friendly paint market has expanded and grown to match the quality, durability, vibrant colors and longevity of paints that are loaded with solvents, chemicals and harmful odors.  It is easier than ever now to “go green” and still have a fantastic looking room. Here are a few brands of eco friendly paints that you should try.

  • Mythic Paint – A non-toxic, low odor paint that has the durability and coverage of a premium paint.  It also has no VOCs that can be released into the air after painting.
  • SafePaint – This organic and biodegradable paint from the Old-Fashioned Milk Paint Company uses casein (milk protein) as a binder. No VOCs & non- toxic.
  • Benjamin Moore’s Natural Paint – Benjamin Moore’s most environmentally friendly paint has no VOCs and is non-toxic.
  • C2 Lovo Paint – A premium, non-toxic, low VOC paint that has 496 color options. C2 Paint can be customized in any color and is available in the full range of Philip’s Perfect Colors
  • Devine Paint – This low odor paint meets the “green” standards and only requires one coat. The Northwest-inspired palette creates a luminous surface
  • Ecotrend Collagen Paint – A no-VOC, odorless paint that uses collagen (eggshell lining recovered from commercial bakery waste eggshells) as the paint’s binder. It is rated very high in coverage.
  • Fine Paints of Europe ECO Paint – For exterior or interior woodwork, use this.
  • Green Planet Paints – This zero VOC paint is made from plant resins and mineral pigments and is available in 3 finishes: flat, eggshell, and semigloss. There are also 120 mineral- and clay-based colors to choose from
  • Marston & Langinger Paint – This water-based formula has low to zero VOCs and does not use harmful chemicals like ammonia or formaldehyde.  The colors are from natural pigments, as well as other natural ingredients such as china clay, lime putty, and linseed oil.
  • Stark Paint – This water based paint has no VOCs and is available in three finishes: velvet emulsion, porcelain shell, and lacquer gloss.
  • Yolo Colorhouse Paint – This premium no-VOC interior and exterior paint has a user-friendly color palette.

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