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Historic Home Restoration in Acton, MA

When living in New England, it’s hard not to encounter historic homes scattered about the landscape. When passing them by or looking at historic homes for sale online, there’s often a romantic notion of restoring an old house to its former glory while also going above and beyond. After all, if home restoration is done right the results can be spectacular. Don’t dive in head first without doing your research, however, because restoring an old home can be quite the endeavor.

First, you’ll need a specialist. Luckily for you, Acton Woodworks is fully prepared to tackle your restoration project. We have extensive experience in the field and are more than equipped to handle the intricacies of bringing a home back to its former glory. We document all important historic details and familiarize ourselves with all the notable pieces of the house. From there, all necessary demolition is performed to see what is being worked with. In this step, our team can determine where the original walls were and figure out what to do with the overall design of the home. It’s an intricate process that requires the utmost care.

Restoring a home also requires patience. Ushering an old home into the modern age is a major process. The timeline length is considerably longer than your typical home renovation but said timeline depends on just how much work needs to be done. Remember too that just because you’re interested in restoring a home from the 1800s doesn’t mean your home has to look and feel like a museum to preserve its history. While the outside gets restored to look like it belongs to its respective time period, the inside can be designed with modern flair. While certain aspects of the home are meant to be preserved, such as the stair rail or beautiful crown molding, other elements of the home can be let go of. There are no set-in-stone rules because each historic restoration comes with its own specific elements and challenges. Here at Acton Woodworks, we want to strike the perfect balance between preservation and practical living.

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