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Home Lighting Basics

Lighting can change the way a whole room feels.  Bad lighting can turn a modern, well decorated room into a dark, cold off putting room that no one wants to spend any time in.  Home lighting is not just about choosing the right light fixture, but also about the effects the fixture creates with the light.

Home lighting falls into three categories: ambient, task and accent.  High traffic areas in your home like the living room or kitchen should have a combination of all three.

Ambient lighting is for the general illumination of a room.  It is the background brightness that gives a room a comfortable glow.  These can be lamps, floor lamps, recessed lighting & wall sconces that light rooms softly and evenly for a diffused effect.

Task lighting is direct light onto work places like kitchen counters or desktops.  These can also be lamps or ceiling light fixtures.

Accent lighting is used for focusing on special features in a room like flower arrangements, artwork, custom built-ins or area rugs.

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