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Kitchen Countertop Options

granite-countertopsThere are many different options to choose from when designing a new kitchen or picking out materials to remodel your old kitchen.  We will go over the most popular choices in kitchen countertops to help you choose.  Above we have granite, the most popular material. It is durable, timeless, scratch and heat resistant, and easy to clean. The only thing you have to worry about is getting it resealed once in a while to protect the natural stone.

Stainless steel countertops are can be both traditional and contemporary, depending on the accessories you pair it with. It is easy to clean, durable and naturally antibacterial.

Butcher block counter tops instantly add warmth to any kitchen. May cooks like this because it eliminates the need for a cutting board! While not as durable as other materials, scratches can be sanded out. The surface needs to be sealed frequently with with mineral oil to protect the surface from water damage.

Marble counter tops are considered the most luxurious of all materials. It is elegant but expensive. Bakers love cold marble because it is the perfect surface for kneading dough.  It does require more maintenance because it is a softer stone that stains easily so it needs to be cleaned and sealed more frequently.

Concrete counter tops are the most porous of any material so it need to be cared for properly. Concrete counter tops are custom made so they can be dyed any color for a unique look.  It works best in modern or rustic kitchens.  Concrete needs to be sealed periodically and waxed every 2-3 months.  Be sure you are ready for the up keep if you choose concrete!

Quartz countertops are the cheaper alternative to granite and marble.  It is easy to clean, resistant to stains and scratches and can be made to imitate the look of granite or marble.  It comes in a wide range of colors and variations.

Tile counter tops are not as popular as they once were but they offer a unique alternative with unlimited design varieties. They are heat and stain resistant but can sometimes chip.  Just be sure to have a few extra tiles laying around if one happens to crack.





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