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Kitchen Design in the Home You Want to Grow Old In

kitchen remodel

Purchasing a home is an exciting time and what’s even more exciting? Finding the home that you want yourself and your family to grow old in. Acton Woodworks offers some tips for creating a safe and easy to navigate home as the years go by.

  • A pullout pantry gives you the option to see all of your kitchen items at once without having to move things around. This is convenient for all ages, but especially as you get older as it will reduce the strain on your knees and back. A pullout pantry also gives you the opportunity to store heavy kitchen appliances. It’s a great spot for your toaster, crock pot, etc.
  • If you are remodeling the kitchen, something to keep in mind is to put your sink next to or close to your stove. With age, it becomes more difficult to carry big pots of water from the sink to the stove. With your sink next to the stove, you’ll eliminate distance, reduce spills and have less chance of slipping and harming yourself.
  • Storing your flatware and utensils in drawers is helpful because everything is displayed and it allows for easy reaching.
  • To avoid hitting your hip or elbow, invest in round edges when it comes to any open shelves or countertops.
  • Make sure that your floors are made with a material that doesn’t get slippery to reduce your odds are falling. Because it absorbs less moisture, porcelain tile is a great option! Another option that will be softer on your feet is vinyl flooring.
  • Make rinsing dishes or food easier by purchasing a sink that isn’t too deep.
  • When deciding on your microwave, whether it’s built in or free-standing, have it at counter height to ease any tension on your back. With a microwave at counter height, you’ll reduce any bending or reaching.

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