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Kitchen Storage Ideas & Tips


Whether it’s a new to you space or one you remodeled, it always feels like there’s never enough room in your home’s kitchen. All the accessories and dishes of a kitchen can really add up and take up space that you once upon a time had. Acton Woodworks has a few tips on how you can save space and make your kitchen feel new!

  • Take a couple of steps backwards from your counters and refrigerator and look up. There is a whole lot of space up there that most likely isn’t being utilized. Store items up there that you probably won’t be using on an everyday basis, like cookbooks!
  • For your lower cabinets, there are kits available to make drawers that open simply with the touch of your toes.
  • For homeowners with a kitchen island, your storage possibilities are endless! Add shelves on the side, cabinets underneath or a built-in trash can to save space on your kitchen floor.
  • Racks on the wall are great for storing pots and pans, but what about hanging baskets to hold your dishcloths and dishtowels? Install a pegboard to store items like your mugs or utensils.
  • For those with range stove tops, increase functionality by adding sliding drawers on either side. While they don’t take up much space, the drawers are deep enough to store plenty of kitchen items or accessories.
  • If it’s got a wall, add a rack! Spaces like your cabinet or pantry doors offer immediate space saving storage for kitchen accessories or products. For easy access to your spices or olive oil, install a rack on a wall that is by your stove and oven.

For homeowners that are looking to save space in their kitchen, contact Acton Woodworks today! We are happy to discuss our kitchen remodeling services and provide any insight to your home project. We can be reached by calling 978-263-0222  or by filling out our online contact form.

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