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Lancaster, MA

The town of Lancaster belongs to Worcester County, MA. It is the oldest town in Worcester County and was incorporated back in 1653. Lancaster likes to think of itself as the original town of central Massachusetts, seeing as places such as Harvard, Leominster, Sterling, Berlin were all formed from territory that belonged to the original boundaries of Lancaster. It occupies a total area of 28.2 square miles and is bordered by Lunenburg, Clinton, and Sterling to name a few. The town could be accurately described as a middle-class to an upper-middle-class area.

According to a recent census, the population of Lancaster lies around 8, 055. With almost 2,000 families living in the town, and roughly 2,400 households, there’s no lack of renovation work to be done. Here at Acton Woodworks, we love big projects and renovations. If you’re looking to put forward a lot of your own input on how you want your renovation to go, then you would certainly benefit from working with our design-build team. If you’re looking to renovate on a smaller scale, we can always go over options for sprucing up your kitchen or bathroom.

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