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Redesigning Your Kitchen Pantry


When it comes to redesigning your kitchen, an important factor, not to forget about, is your pantry. A well-organized pantry can be a homeowner’s best friend. We have put together a collection of various types of pantries to consider when remodeling your kitchen.

  • To save space, this contemporary pantry was built under the home’s staircase.
  • For a stylish, Houston look, the designer lined the floor with bricks and used assorted baskets for organization.
  • Because of the translucent panels, basalt and metal shelving, this pantry allows light to enter into the kitchen.
  • To create this traditional pantry, the carpenter installed curved cabinets and white beadboard-paneled walls.
  • Add color to make your pantry bold!
  • For a well organize kitchen, add adjustable shelves into your pantry.
  • For a modern pantry, create custom cabinets.
  • The over sized cabinet makes for a practical pantry with plenty of room for all your kitchen goods.
  • This pantry was used with recycled steel and inspired by Indian recycled tinware.
  • Although this pantry is only a few inches deep, the designer added shelves to the doors to utilize space.

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