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Remodeling Existing Space in Your Home


If you are looking to expand your home, an addition isn’t necessarily the only option for increasing space. There are ways to adapt to your home’s original square footage while saving yourself money!

  • Utilize the square footage in your current floorplan. Eliminate wasted space by redesigning traffic flow. By redirecting how you get to an area, you might find some extra space you didn’t know you had! Removing things like an extra stairway or closet can offer space to expand rooms without an addition.
  • If you have the headroom & access, converting an attic or cellar into a room will cost you the less. Because you have the ‘skeleton’ of the room, all you need are some finishing touches to complete the room.
  • A lot of new homes are combining multiple rooms through open floor plans. You can do this by removing interior walls to develop a similar effect.
  • If you have rooms that don’t get much use, transform them into multipurpose rooms. Spare bedrooms can be used as offices or playrooms. You can push dining room tables up again walls to add other elements to the room.

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