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Utilizing Space Through Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling Acton MA

Whether you share with a roommate or family members, the bathroom is a key place you have to co-exist with someone. Why not use a bathroom design that eases the movement of traffic to and from the bathroom? If you are contemplating bathroom remodeling, here are some things to consider:


Typically, the bathroom is where you begin and end your day. If you have a carefully calculated layout, it will make it easier for several people to come and go. Your bathroom should consist of three areas: the bathing area, sink area & toilet area.  You want to ensure your design layout contains an easy flow through all of these areas. By separating the shower and toilet area, not only do you add privacy, but multiple people can use the bathroom simultaneously.

Sink Space

Usually, the sink is a crucial point for many things in the bathroom. Things like brushing your teeth, shaving, etc. all take place at your sink or vanity. To avoid running into others, you can designate a space for each person. By installing multiple sinks into a larger vanity, you allow each person to have their own space. If you don’t have the option for two sinks, another option is a longer sink with multiple faucets.

Stay Organized

Nothing is more frustrating than stumbling over towels and toiletries when you’re trying to start your day. To cohabit in a shared bathroom and reduce clutter, you need a designated storage space. Things such as custom storage for toiletries, outlets in your vanity & a laundry hamper are a few ways to declutter.

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