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Utilizing Your Kitchen Space for Storage




Whether you’re a family of six or living on your own, I think we can all agree that we can always use more storage when it comes to the kitchen. Because most people want an uncluttered kitchen, designers are being asked to create storage that magnifies a space, but also hides unwanted items. They want to have everything in a neat spot, but be able to access that necessary item at a moments notice.

Here are a few ways you can maximize your kitchen storage:

  • Roll-outs and pull-outs. Silverware drawers don’t have to be the only thing that rolls or pulls out anymore. Cabinets are now adding flexible roll and pull-outs to accommodate any size or location. You have cutting boards, pantries, and spice racks that can now roll out for convenient storage!
  • Adding lights. Adding LED lights can show your those dark corners in the back that otherwise would be hidden.
  • Cabinet door storage. Build into cabinet doors to hang utensils.
  • Customizing to your needs. Do you have have oversized pots? Build deeper drawers. Custom make drawers or cabinets for odd shaped items in the kitchen.

For more storage saving ideas for your kitchen, contact Acton Woodworks!

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