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Vintage Bathroom Vanities


When it comes to redecorating, designers are always looking for new and interesting ideas. In some cases, that could mean taking an idea from the past and tweaking it to fit in with the future. In this post, we’ll see how designers are using antique bathroom vanities in a new age bathroom.

In the past, vanities consisted of a pitcher of water and a wash basin. Now, vanities are being fitted with different types of sinks and faucets. For a vessel sink, you would want to mount a wall or tall arc faucet. With drop-in or under mounted sinks, you can install any kind of faucet.

Some things to take into consideration when choosing a piece for your bathroom:

  • After installing the sink & plumbing, you’ll lose the middle section, thus losing room for storage.
  • A washstand will expose pipes, while a dresser will hide them.
  • If you keep the original wood top of a piece, you need to waterproof the wood to guarantee it lasts.

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