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Easy Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers




We are going to go over a few simple projects that will help your old kitchen cabinets seem new! These are low cost ways to stretch out the life of your old cabinets and give your kitchen a new feel and personality.

Open Shelving is a new trend that gives the kitchen an open airy feeling.  Also a good way to show off the new dinner set!  Simply remove all cabinet doors and hardware and fill in the screw holes with wood filler.  After the filler drys, sand it smooth and paint over it.

Interior curtains work if you have cabinets with glass fronts.  These are meant to mimic cafe windows.  Pick your favorite fabric and fold them in 1 inch pleats.  Next staple the tops and bottoms to the inside of the cabinets.  Use a piece of fabric to cinch the middle.  This looks a lot cleaner than just having curtains replace the doors.

With a little painters tape and a bold color, painting the borders of your cabinets can give it a fresh new look with minimal cost.  Use the painters tape to map out a 1 to 2 inch border.

This project can be a little tricky if you are not use to handling power tools but cabinet door cutouts can be a unique look.  Use a drill to start and a jig saw to cut out a pattern in the door.  Be sure to sand down the edges and paint.  There are dozens of designs you can use.  If you don’t feel comfortable cutting into your cabinets, the same effect can be achieved with paint!  Be sure to stay within the lines of your stencil though.

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